07 December, 2010

Windows Phone 7 VS Iphone iOS

Microsoft coming back in the cell phone world of Apple and Google,it is inevitable that WP7 series will be compared with the phenomenally successful iphone.

Multitask has been long waited by iOS users though the fast app switching feature in the iPhone makes it easier to switch between apps running in the background. To Microsoft, part of the Windows Phone 7 allow for multitasking, but third party applications won't have the same multitasking capabilities.

Default Search in Window Phone 7 cells is Microsoft's Bing , the decision is widely doubted and it is believed that other search engines will be added. The search in Iphone is Spotlight search in OS, Google for the web.

As to official declarance, the new Windows Phone Marketplace is the only palce for users to download or purchase applications and content. It takes time to see wheter Martketplace will be as popular as App Store. Moreover,the xbox live integration makes the phone more friendly.

Hub Strategy-the core of WP7 brings together different but related data silos,the connectivity with social networking, and wireless syncing.And it proves to make a lot sense.

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