27 December, 2010

Telescope and Microscope for Cell Phones

This cell phone microscope is kind of the world's smallest one in the market. It has two LED lights and a ultraviolet ray LED which can be used as currency detector. It also comes with a black PVC leather pouch to protect it from scratch, attrition, etc.With 60X magnification, it is also ideal for examining jewelry,coins,stamps and antiques.

The Mobile Phone Telescope is a great way to improve the poor camera. It would be good to adjust the focus with the naked eye while watching sports and concerts from a long distane, taking pictures while fixing the telescope on back shell of a phone from a remote location to avoid detection or any other situation which would require a powerful zoom as a compact package.This telescope lens is designed to avoid image distortion due to unique lighting situations like low light or reflections of the sun.There is a iphone 3g case in the package which would be very convenient for you to use with iphone 3g or iphone 3gs.

23 December, 2010

1.5 million pcs Windows Phone 7 handsets shipped in 6 weeks

With more than 4,000 apps in the application store of Microsoft and buy one get two promotion activity,it is easy to find out that microsoft is trying to take the smart phone market. And vice present of Microsoft's mobile communicaion devision has confirmed that they've shipped 1.5 million windows phone 7 handsets.
1.5 million iphone 4 was sold on the first day but the first iphone took 75 days to reach its first million sales. Given the circumstaces that windows phone never had broad market acceptance, they have the reason to be happy with the intial numbers.

Actually Achim Bery didin't leak much info, but he did admit that 18000 software developers are servicing this new operating system.It is rumored that there will be a windows phone 7 powered tablet exibited in CES 2011 and updated performance with windows phone 7 handsets.

22 December, 2010

Moto Tablet

On the day when Android 2.3 Gingerbread was released, Google's Andy Rubin demonstrated a Android Honeycomb powered Motorola Tablet. Sooner after that Moto uploaded a vedio "Tablet Revolution presented by Motorola" teasing at the whole world. Take the Mayan Stone to mock at the 2012 Doomsday Prophecy. Then it comes to the Apple Ipad "it's like a giant iphone" and Samsung Galaxy Tab "Android OS for a phone".

At the end of the movie, a bee flying out right before the words"CES 2011" and the Moto brand which clearly shows Moto tablet will be the next chapter in tablet evolution.

This kind of advertisement is common,such as the war between apple and microsoft. Apple gets used to mock at microsoft in the ads. Now this happens to himself. Will there be a strike back, let's wait and see.

Apple has snagged first-mover advantage in this year's tablet renaissance,and the upcoming Android Tablets are looking forward to emerge with in the near future.

Actually no one can shake the position of ipad now. Whether the Motorola Tablet will become the myth or laughingstock. All the result will come out in CES 2011.

21 December, 2010

NEC Dual Screen Tablet at CES 2011

NEC announced that a dual screen Android-based LiftTouch tablet will trot out at the coming CES2011.

According to an email from NEC that users will be able to run different programs on each screen. Other specs include Wifi,3G and Bluetooth.

16 December, 2010

Keychain sized USB Flash Drive

Keychain is the most commonly used things in life, there are a variety of interesting keychains.The USB Flash Driver keychain combines the advantage of beauty and usefulness.

Following are some interesting ones:
1. Car Logo designed keychain with Flash Memory

2. Cute Kitty design

3. Little purse pattern

5. Innovative CocaCola Design

6. Monkey shaped USB Flash Memory

15 December, 2010

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Mobile Review

In the first announced 9 window phone 7 powered mobiles, there is one from the latest phone maker Dell- Dell Venue Pro.

The vertical Qwerty keyboard design sets it apart from other windows phone 7 smart phones. Together with the 4.1 inches WVGA Amoled capacitive touch screen which supports multi-touch operation, this phone enables customers to enjoy the colorful, crisp displays that will beautifully show off text, photos, and graphics.
Dell Venue Pro 4 has a four-row Qwerty keyboard, though without arrow keys, rich key combination will bring a wealthy and convenient text input experience.

The phone is equiped with 3G,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth Connectivity,5MP camera with LED flash and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Dell recently updated situation concerning delay of shipment times in their community blog. It addressed that "The January 6 date that’s being reported could be correct for some but not all, as ship times vary by customer and the date/time that they placed an order."

13 December, 2010

DARwIn OP Open Source Robots

I am very intereted in the humanoid robots but really worried about the situation in the movie"I, Robot" would come true. I realise I might have think too much.

DARwIn OP is the New open source humanoid robot released in the United States Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2010 this week,it is 18 inches high and weighs 6 pounds.
DARwIn-OP is the fruit of collaboration among Dennis Hong's team of Virginia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, Purdue University and the Korean Robotis company. The Invention Team announced that both hardware and software of DARwIn-OP are open source, you can customize various parts of the robot body,select the desired parts, then assemble them.

10 pcs DARwIn-OP will be produced this week for research in the university, and it is sold at $12000.

sleep as an droid - solutions to sleep disorder

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Do you feel sleepy during the day, especially in the morning, if you have to wake up early. Do you get up later than originally thought though the alarm clock always rings in time ?
I gonna introduce the android apps which monitors your sleeping cycle and would get you up gently in light sleep for happy mornings.
Such as a normal clock, you are able to set time and ringtone.
Just Click the Moon in the picture before sleeping, it will record your sleep situation and your talk in sleep.
You can set an intelligent sleeping system for yourself, after that the apps will choose the most appropriate time in this peroid to alarm. It enables you to check in which period you have the best sleep and share it in the facebook.The 10 days statistics will let you check wheter you had enough sleep.

09 December, 2010

Five Best Smart Phones in 2010

Christmas' coming and we are saying goodbye to 2010. It's time to find out the best selling phones of this year.There are three extrusive features of phones is this year: First,the screen starts from 4 inches. Second, start of CPU has began from 1GHz and Third,software applications begin from 100thousand. According to this three criteria,5 best cell phones were selected in 2010.

Iphone 4 is No Doubt NO.1
Apple proves it's a powerful player in the smartphone wars with the success of Iphone 4. Though the flaws and issues of Iphone 4 are repeatly mentioned, iphone is becoming more popular with each passing day.No one can deny that Iphone 4 is the most successful phone in the current world.
The second one is HTC EVO 4G with 4.3inches screen and 4G network
The HTC Evo 4G is easily Sprint's best smartphone and one of today's top Android devices. It is the world's first 4G Android phone which breaks Sprint's first-day sales records.

Samsung Galaxy S equipped with AMOLED screen wins the third.

Moto Droid X embedded with 4.3inch display gets the forth.
Moto Droid X is equipped with a larger-than-life 4.3" hi-res screen,8MP camera, HD video and HDMI output. It can be described as the best phone of Moto 2010.

Multibrand  Windows Phone 7 mobiles which are released nearly at the end of the year get fifth. Windows Phone 7 takes a lot of limelight recently and the new operating system helps microsoft get his position back in the cell phone world.
Except for those successful phones, there are disappointing ones every year. The most disillusionary phones are KIN series of Microsoft.

07 December, 2010

Samsung Nexus S Review

The unlocked version of Samsung Nexus S is available for sale after 16th December in US.

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread powered phone is a GSM Quadband Phone with Triband 3G frequency 900,2100,1700 which is compatible with most of the phone service operators. Android 2.3 supports multitasking, wifi,virtual keyboard,easier copy paste,precise multi-touch and so on. Like Nexus One,we can enjoy thoroughly Android 2.3 experience without any add-ons from Samsung.
Nexus S is equipped with a strong "core", 1GHz Hummingbird processor from Samsung's own. Together with the built-in 16GB storage, the operation of Nexus S is in no way inferior to other top-intelligent devices such as iPhone 4. Just like Iphone, no microSD expansion is allowed. Unsurprisingly Nexus S has a separate graphics processing unit.
Since Nexus S is Samsung branded, the screen display won't be  disappointing. 4.0" WVGA (480x800) Contour curved glass screen Display with super AMOLED Capacitive touch sensor and anti-fingerprint display coating proves the above point.

Another feature of this phone is NFC(Near Field Communications) which is regarded as the best way to read smart objects from devices that acrries the NFC chip.

Windows Phone 7 VS Iphone iOS

Microsoft coming back in the cell phone world of Apple and Google,it is inevitable that WP7 series will be compared with the phenomenally successful iphone.

Multitask has been long waited by iOS users though the fast app switching feature in the iPhone makes it easier to switch between apps running in the background. To Microsoft, part of the Windows Phone 7 allow for multitasking, but third party applications won't have the same multitasking capabilities.

Default Search in Window Phone 7 cells is Microsoft's Bing , the decision is widely doubted and it is believed that other search engines will be added. The search in Iphone is Spotlight search in OS, Google for the web.

As to official declarance, the new Windows Phone Marketplace is the only palce for users to download or purchase applications and content. It takes time to see wheter Martketplace will be as popular as App Store. Moreover,the xbox live integration makes the phone more friendly.

Hub Strategy-the core of WP7 brings together different but related data silos,the connectivity with social networking, and wireless syncing.And it proves to make a lot sense.

Windows Phone 7 Mobiles, Buy One Get Two

To Promote WP7, Microsoft starts the "Buy Windows Phone 7, get another free" activity based on the contract with ATT and Tmobile.
If you are interested, jump to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/cmpn/bogo.aspx for more details.

02 December, 2010

Light Pool TSX05 - Another Designed Phone from Japan KDDI

Light Pool with the model of TSX05 is the work from 30-year-old product designer hironao tsuboi. Hironao Tsuboi, 1980, graduated from Environmental Aesthetics Design Dept of Tokyo Tama Art University, who is also a devout Buddhists.He designed SOLAR PHONE CONCEPTS for iida. Moreover,accessories such as LIGHT POOL JACKET and LIGHT POOL FILM are also designed by Hironao Tsuboi.

iidda stands for innovation,imagination,design and art which is the sub-brand of KDDI.The Light Pool is one of unique phones launched under this brand.The surface of phone is covered with 22 triangular LED windows which blend with the rhythm of music to create a gorgeous scene.They start lighting up in 60 different patterns the moment you recieve a call or close the phone, as well as flashing on the hour.
The phone has a 3.2-inch VGA TFT display and 8MP CMOS camera with auto-focus.Other details include bluetooth, micro SD/SDHC slot and GPS.