27 December, 2010

Telescope and Microscope for Cell Phones

This cell phone microscope is kind of the world's smallest one in the market. It has two LED lights and a ultraviolet ray LED which can be used as currency detector. It also comes with a black PVC leather pouch to protect it from scratch, attrition, etc.With 60X magnification, it is also ideal for examining jewelry,coins,stamps and antiques.

The Mobile Phone Telescope is a great way to improve the poor camera. It would be good to adjust the focus with the naked eye while watching sports and concerts from a long distane, taking pictures while fixing the telescope on back shell of a phone from a remote location to avoid detection or any other situation which would require a powerful zoom as a compact package.This telescope lens is designed to avoid image distortion due to unique lighting situations like low light or reflections of the sun.There is a iphone 3g case in the package which would be very convenient for you to use with iphone 3g or iphone 3gs.

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