19 January, 2011

iPhone 4 "Rabbit" Style Silicone Case

There is a wide selection of iPhone 4 Rabit Bunny case since it takes most of the limelight.Normally the case is used to provide a certain level of protection against wear-and-tear, though we can't guarantee it will protect your iPhone in the event it gets dropped or has a large object fall on it, but at least they give it a better chance of surviving unscathed.
Even for the protection, we simply don't want to make the iphone bulky. So a good looking case is necessary.
Following you will see a very cute and adorable case with rabbit shape.On the back of the case is the short hair tail and there are two lovely long ears on the top.
Like most cases it can't offer quick-access for docking your iphone 4, you will need to remove it completely when you want to use a dock.

04 January, 2011

Ipad 2 Rumours

This June apple released Iphone 4 and it wins a big success just as former iphones even with the Antenna problem, when users hold the handset tightly, the single will decrease. And it is also considered as one of the 10 biggest tech fails in 2010. While sales volume of iphone 4 is not affected greatly and Steve Jobs still has bigger ambition for next year.

Recently there are many speculations about the second generation Ipad, one of them is the USB port. A Russian technology web announced the news get from an Apple ODM manufacturer worker that we might see the regular USB port on Ipad 2.

According to Taiwan media reports, the Apple ipad 2 will support multiple wireless communication standards. It may separately support Wifi, UMTS, CDMA or combination of the three. It is rumored that Apple would provide 500-530 thousand pcs ipad 2 to retail outlet and the portion of WiFi, UMTS, CDMA is 3:4:3

Tablet PCs shipped are mostly 3G version and it is a good proof that people still prefer stable wireless connection. This might explain apple's cooperation with telecom operators to provide more wireless solutions in ipad 2 to better meet the demand of the market. Apple also strengthens the anti-stain, anti-reflective property to attract more customers.