19 January, 2011

iPhone 4 "Rabbit" Style Silicone Case

There is a wide selection of iPhone 4 Rabit Bunny case since it takes most of the limelight.Normally the case is used to provide a certain level of protection against wear-and-tear, though we can't guarantee it will protect your iPhone in the event it gets dropped or has a large object fall on it, but at least they give it a better chance of surviving unscathed.
Even for the protection, we simply don't want to make the iphone bulky. So a good looking case is necessary.
Following you will see a very cute and adorable case with rabbit shape.On the back of the case is the short hair tail and there are two lovely long ears on the top.
Like most cases it can't offer quick-access for docking your iphone 4, you will need to remove it completely when you want to use a dock.


  1. Does "Short Hair Tail" mean that the fur ball is made of actual fur?

  2. Leather has always been the cover of choice for many items, including iPhone 4 cases. The durability, snugness, and stylishness of leather place your iPhone in a class of its own. A leather case repels moisture and prevents breakage as well as protects the phone from extreme heat or cold.

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