06 March, 2011

Japan's newly developed humanoid cell phone

Cell phone is used for easy connection and get people closer to each other especially for relatives who are far away from each other.

According to the British Daily Mail, calls with humanoid hand-held mobile phone will draw people closer.Currently, Japanese scientist Takashi Minato who is a member of ATR (Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International) developed a strange humanoid rubber shell phone.The outer texture resembling human skin can be the same as the heating and cooling.
The phone's outer texture resembling human skin which has the similar feeling of heating and cooling.

ATR spokesman said: "You actually feel like communicating with somebody while calling with this phone " The mobile phone is slightly larger than people's palm,and hides a dial pad, as well as a glowing LED "heart," which turns blue when the phone is in use and red when in standby.

The phone is expected to take into commercial production in the next five years after adding images and voice capabilities. But would you wanna try such a creepy doll?

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