28 September, 2011

Let's talk iPhone

Finally, Apple announces iPhone 5 event for Oct.4.  According to the Loop, this event will be held at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. It will begin at 10:00 am PT.  The topic is expected to about iPhone 5, iOS 5 and iCloud.

While what really interests me is people's comment about it, take a look:
"I have decoded the icons:
1. There will now be 4 Tuesdays per week.
2. Apple has figured out how to magically stop time.
3. Apple will unveil 280 giant red water towers to be place on freeways.
4. 1 new version of color green, referred to as "Unicorn tears iGreen"

"The one more thing will be when steve comes out and says good bye to us all.
 Exactly, Steve has more than earned a standing 'O'. "

"Stop making the goddamn things thinner and put a decent battery in it."

"WOOT I'm getting up and dancing around now like grandpa Joe of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!!!  ITS time to see Willy Wonka's latest offering!!!!


Just For Fun..........

14 September, 2011

First HTC Beats Audio Phone- Sensation XE

In August, HTC invested $300 million in Beats and Now the Fist HTC Beats Audio cell phone comes out- Sensation XE obviously the upgrade of HTC sensation.
Since with the "beatsaudio" logo on the back of the mobile phone, what's the contribution of Beats Company? At least a pretty cool pair of Beats headphone which features an in-line remote control.
HTC Sensation XE is equipped with higher capacity 1730mAh Li-ion battery and 1.5GHz dikaryon CPU. The software doesn't change much, still Android 2.3 + Sense 3.0

08 September, 2011

Turn iPhone into Ancient Telephone

Despite today's touch interface-enhanced environment, some people still long for old those old-school telephones.
The first is  80's Retro iPhone Case which turns your iphone to a brick and provides a stylish way to use your iPhone.  There is no volumn control button,charger cutout and other additional function, but who cares, it looks pretty cool.
The second Phone X Phone is a charger dock changes your iPhone into a corded handset. It leaves a charging opening which enables recharge your iPhone and sync it with your PC. 

07 September, 2011

Rotary Dial Up Cell Phone Concept

Do you miss the ancient rotary dial up phone, India based designer Mukund K P designed a concept mobile phone which combines the rotary dial with qwerty keyboard. It aims to make your every day dialing more interesting.  I like this rotary dial design on the cell phone except it looks ugly.

Apple-Steve Jobs

Apple iPhone is so popular, I can't help wondering why. In my opinion, the best explanation is fashionable outlet and reasonable user experience. Talk about these two advantages, I first think about Japanese Cell Phones. While due to their some kind strategy, their phones are not widely sold worldwide.

While there is no doubt that Apple is one of the most successful companies in recent years, and nothing can cover Steve Jobs's success. Some guys even made a song for him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia4joyGYG_A

01 September, 2011

Concept Tablet

One of Steve Jobs's change of the IT world is iPad, it directly leads the competition of the tablets world. Here's a concept tablet named Rainbow, it is designed to support OLED Touch Screen, wireless charging and files scan. The coolest part is that the two screens can be used separately and you can operate different tasks at the same time. Also it can guide the road by scanning street view.

23 August, 2011

Cell Phone Extended Battery

The screen of smart phone becomes bigger and bigger, it improves user experience a lot. While nothing is perfect. The main problem caused by large screen is short battery. I had a bad experience with HTC HD2, the battery can't even last one day without playing game, vedio and music. It is really a shame if it shuts down when you are on an important trip.
I hereby introduce you guys the extended battery case which might make your mobile phone a little ugly, but does add your using time.The package includes one battery and one back cover.
Take a look at: http://www.gadgets-n-gizmos.com/catalogsearch/result/?order=relevance&dir=desc&q=extended+battery

06 March, 2011

Japan's newly developed humanoid cell phone

Cell phone is used for easy connection and get people closer to each other especially for relatives who are far away from each other.

According to the British Daily Mail, calls with humanoid hand-held mobile phone will draw people closer.Currently, Japanese scientist Takashi Minato who is a member of ATR (Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International) developed a strange humanoid rubber shell phone.The outer texture resembling human skin can be the same as the heating and cooling.
The phone's outer texture resembling human skin which has the similar feeling of heating and cooling.

ATR spokesman said: "You actually feel like communicating with somebody while calling with this phone " The mobile phone is slightly larger than people's palm,and hides a dial pad, as well as a glowing LED "heart," which turns blue when the phone is in use and red when in standby.

The phone is expected to take into commercial production in the next five years after adding images and voice capabilities. But would you wanna try such a creepy doll?

19 January, 2011

iPhone 4 "Rabbit" Style Silicone Case

There is a wide selection of iPhone 4 Rabit Bunny case since it takes most of the limelight.Normally the case is used to provide a certain level of protection against wear-and-tear, though we can't guarantee it will protect your iPhone in the event it gets dropped or has a large object fall on it, but at least they give it a better chance of surviving unscathed.
Even for the protection, we simply don't want to make the iphone bulky. So a good looking case is necessary.
Following you will see a very cute and adorable case with rabbit shape.On the back of the case is the short hair tail and there are two lovely long ears on the top.
Like most cases it can't offer quick-access for docking your iphone 4, you will need to remove it completely when you want to use a dock.

04 January, 2011

Ipad 2 Rumours

This June apple released Iphone 4 and it wins a big success just as former iphones even with the Antenna problem, when users hold the handset tightly, the single will decrease. And it is also considered as one of the 10 biggest tech fails in 2010. While sales volume of iphone 4 is not affected greatly and Steve Jobs still has bigger ambition for next year.

Recently there are many speculations about the second generation Ipad, one of them is the USB port. A Russian technology web announced the news get from an Apple ODM manufacturer worker that we might see the regular USB port on Ipad 2.

According to Taiwan media reports, the Apple ipad 2 will support multiple wireless communication standards. It may separately support Wifi, UMTS, CDMA or combination of the three. It is rumored that Apple would provide 500-530 thousand pcs ipad 2 to retail outlet and the portion of WiFi, UMTS, CDMA is 3:4:3

Tablet PCs shipped are mostly 3G version and it is a good proof that people still prefer stable wireless connection. This might explain apple's cooperation with telecom operators to provide more wireless solutions in ipad 2 to better meet the demand of the market. Apple also strengthens the anti-stain, anti-reflective property to attract more customers.