13 December, 2010

sleep as an droid - solutions to sleep disorder

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Do you feel sleepy during the day, especially in the morning, if you have to wake up early. Do you get up later than originally thought though the alarm clock always rings in time ?
I gonna introduce the android apps which monitors your sleeping cycle and would get you up gently in light sleep for happy mornings.
Such as a normal clock, you are able to set time and ringtone.
Just Click the Moon in the picture before sleeping, it will record your sleep situation and your talk in sleep.
You can set an intelligent sleeping system for yourself, after that the apps will choose the most appropriate time in this peroid to alarm. It enables you to check in which period you have the best sleep and share it in the facebook.The 10 days statistics will let you check wheter you had enough sleep.

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