09 December, 2010

Five Best Smart Phones in 2010

Christmas' coming and we are saying goodbye to 2010. It's time to find out the best selling phones of this year.There are three extrusive features of phones is this year: First,the screen starts from 4 inches. Second, start of CPU has began from 1GHz and Third,software applications begin from 100thousand. According to this three criteria,5 best cell phones were selected in 2010.

Iphone 4 is No Doubt NO.1
Apple proves it's a powerful player in the smartphone wars with the success of Iphone 4. Though the flaws and issues of Iphone 4 are repeatly mentioned, iphone is becoming more popular with each passing day.No one can deny that Iphone 4 is the most successful phone in the current world.
The second one is HTC EVO 4G with 4.3inches screen and 4G network
The HTC Evo 4G is easily Sprint's best smartphone and one of today's top Android devices. It is the world's first 4G Android phone which breaks Sprint's first-day sales records.

Samsung Galaxy S equipped with AMOLED screen wins the third.

Moto Droid X embedded with 4.3inch display gets the forth.
Moto Droid X is equipped with a larger-than-life 4.3" hi-res screen,8MP camera, HD video and HDMI output. It can be described as the best phone of Moto 2010.

Multibrand  Windows Phone 7 mobiles which are released nearly at the end of the year get fifth. Windows Phone 7 takes a lot of limelight recently and the new operating system helps microsoft get his position back in the cell phone world.
Except for those successful phones, there are disappointing ones every year. The most disillusionary phones are KIN series of Microsoft.

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