02 December, 2010

Light Pool TSX05 - Another Designed Phone from Japan KDDI

Light Pool with the model of TSX05 is the work from 30-year-old product designer hironao tsuboi. Hironao Tsuboi, 1980, graduated from Environmental Aesthetics Design Dept of Tokyo Tama Art University, who is also a devout Buddhists.He designed SOLAR PHONE CONCEPTS for iida. Moreover,accessories such as LIGHT POOL JACKET and LIGHT POOL FILM are also designed by Hironao Tsuboi.

iidda stands for innovation,imagination,design and art which is the sub-brand of KDDI.The Light Pool is one of unique phones launched under this brand.The surface of phone is covered with 22 triangular LED windows which blend with the rhythm of music to create a gorgeous scene.They start lighting up in 60 different patterns the moment you recieve a call or close the phone, as well as flashing on the hour.
The phone has a 3.2-inch VGA TFT display and 8MP CMOS camera with auto-focus.Other details include bluetooth, micro SD/SDHC slot and GPS.

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