15 December, 2010

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Mobile Review

In the first announced 9 window phone 7 powered mobiles, there is one from the latest phone maker Dell- Dell Venue Pro.

The vertical Qwerty keyboard design sets it apart from other windows phone 7 smart phones. Together with the 4.1 inches WVGA Amoled capacitive touch screen which supports multi-touch operation, this phone enables customers to enjoy the colorful, crisp displays that will beautifully show off text, photos, and graphics.
Dell Venue Pro 4 has a four-row Qwerty keyboard, though without arrow keys, rich key combination will bring a wealthy and convenient text input experience.

The phone is equiped with 3G,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth Connectivity,5MP camera with LED flash and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Dell recently updated situation concerning delay of shipment times in their community blog. It addressed that "The January 6 date that’s being reported could be correct for some but not all, as ship times vary by customer and the date/time that they placed an order."

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