23 December, 2010

1.5 million pcs Windows Phone 7 handsets shipped in 6 weeks

With more than 4,000 apps in the application store of Microsoft and buy one get two promotion activity,it is easy to find out that microsoft is trying to take the smart phone market. And vice present of Microsoft's mobile communicaion devision has confirmed that they've shipped 1.5 million windows phone 7 handsets.
1.5 million iphone 4 was sold on the first day but the first iphone took 75 days to reach its first million sales. Given the circumstaces that windows phone never had broad market acceptance, they have the reason to be happy with the intial numbers.

Actually Achim Bery didin't leak much info, but he did admit that 18000 software developers are servicing this new operating system.It is rumored that there will be a windows phone 7 powered tablet exibited in CES 2011 and updated performance with windows phone 7 handsets.

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