13 December, 2010

DARwIn OP Open Source Robots

I am very intereted in the humanoid robots but really worried about the situation in the movie"I, Robot" would come true. I realise I might have think too much.

DARwIn OP is the New open source humanoid robot released in the United States Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2010 this week,it is 18 inches high and weighs 6 pounds.
DARwIn-OP is the fruit of collaboration among Dennis Hong's team of Virginia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, Purdue University and the Korean Robotis company. The Invention Team announced that both hardware and software of DARwIn-OP are open source, you can customize various parts of the robot body,select the desired parts, then assemble them.

10 pcs DARwIn-OP will be produced this week for research in the university, and it is sold at $12000.

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