21 November, 2010

Rugged Android Smart Phone Moto Defy

Two years since first Android powered T-mobile G1 launched, the Android phones have been around every corner of the world, from high end models to low cost ones including the rugged phones which are indestructible.

Moto Defy is one of the first Android powered touch-only smart phones to be designed with dust,scratch,impact and water resistant. It provides a pretty awesome option for taking the phone to the beach while enjoying the sunshine or bringing it to the skiing park without worry of breaking it though the rubber sidings and a soft-touch material on the back cover give it a sturdy feel.

Motorola is shipping the Defy with Android 2.1 and Motoblur, it also has TI OMAP 3610 800MHz chip,3.7 inches WVGA touch screen and 5MP camera with auto focus and digital zoom.
Other specs includes GPS,Wifi and T-Mobile's 3G network. One more advantage of the phone is its outdoor-focused design gives it a dual microphone that reduces wind noise and other background sounds during a call.

 The overall outside of the Defy is compact,with rubberized sides and plugs that fill all the open ports(USB,3.5mm headphone jack) to protect from dust and water.Only the lack of physical shutter button is a slight disappointment.

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