22 November, 2010

Apple iOS 4.2 Available Now !!

After some sveral million years wait, iOS 4.2 is finally available to upgrade. Connect your iphone/ipad/ipod touch with the itunes and finish the whole upgrading process, you will get access to the long waiting iOS4.2
It was rumored that iOS4.2 would be released in November, but it didn't come out then.

Fortunatly the iOS4.2.1 finally arrived now with not only the functions of Airprint and Airplay as previouly reported but also "find my iphone,ipad or ipod touch"- the MobileMe feature helps to locate the missing device and protect its data, moreover it is now free on iphone4 and ipad or forth generation ipod touch running iOS4.2 . In addition, iOS4.2 brings multitasking and folders on ipad which enables more room for more apps.

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