10 November, 2010

6 Cool Cell Phone Concepts

What the future of cell phones will be like? Below are 6 creative concept phones which might be available in the next few decades.
LG Flutter is the winner of "Design the Future" competition.There is a LG logo and analog clock on the front surface. On the opposite of the LG logo is the camera.The radial screen is housed in shell which looks like fan used in chinese costume piece when you unfold it.

The Samsung Jot is designed by Raymond Bessemer, it is perfect combination of old-fashion and creation. It brings the rotarty dial back with a colorful number wheel. Other specs include OLED display, removable stylus.

French designer Jerome Le Creust released his design of Neogen concept phone lately.As shown in the picture,the two halves can be rotated and you can see the UI screen when you turn over the phone. The device is made of materials  like PMMA and polypropylene which enables assembly easier.Moreover, the design takes good use of the LED lighting.

With micro switches placed under the curved Soft Touch display, the Flex Click provides you a unique touch experience with tactile feedback, easy&precise typing and  reducing finger stress.Valentin Neda comes up with this interesting idea of combining touchscreen experience with feeling of pressing the genuine physical button.

Designer Archil Vardidze show us the concept design for the iPhone 6. It still keeps one-single button simplicity. The phone with a much larger screen looks slight thicker. Apparently he paid attention to the antenna problem and make sure it won't happen in the following iphones.There is a dock station for solar charging.

The Palm Twist Concept Phone is the idea of designer Adam Wrigley.The concave sides not only provide an iconic shape, but also for more comfortable grip in hand.We can see the three game buttons when the screen rotates 90 degree.There is no input and output ports on the device, it relies on the wireless connectivity for file transfers and a inductive charging base.

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