09 November, 2010

Cell phone used in The Twilight Sanga series Movie and Vampire Diary

The vampire has proven to be a rich subject for the film. The vampire-related show- CW's The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Sanga series movies are very popular. While I am not gonna to talk about vampires, the cell phones used in the two shows instead.

Bella's calling her mother

The close-up of the cell phone

The cell phone turns out to be Nokia 7360,which is a beautifully crafted device,made from a combination of leather-inspired materials,etched metal and transparent surfaces.It doesn't have to be equiped with top-of-line features, with the looks the phone has already won over its fair share of followers.While the paltry 4MB of internal memory without any expansion options limits the Nokia 7360 as a multimedia device.

Bella's growing up,the cell phone used also changes

You might get the answer from the picture. Yes, Nokia X6, it is a Symbian-based music touch screen phone.The whopping 32GB/16GB internal storage and FM radio shows its tempting for entertainment.With 3G,GPS,Wifi and 5MP camera, the phone can fulfill your daily needs.

Edward holding the phone, guess what is it?

LG KP500 has stopped production now. But it is hot when launched.Though aiming at the low end market,with a 3.2 megapixel camera, a media player, an FM radio, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a memory card slot, this phone has all the essentials.

Followings are from The Vampire Diary:
Elena is listening a call from Damon

It is easy to tell that the phone is Blackberry 8520- low end Blackberry featured qwerty phone.Blackberry moved his steps into touch screen field. Well, change is always good but the qwerty keyboard is still the symbol of Blackberry phones.

I have to admit that I like Damon more than Stephan. Since I don't have the cell info of Damon, I don't want to say about Stephan either.

Jeremy holds Samsung A877 in the TV show

3.2 inches Amoled touch screen and slide qwerty keyboard sets the device apart from the rest.The phone has GPS,Telenav preintalled for navigation. Other specs include 3MP camera,media player and bluetooth.However, the touch screen is criticized for unresponsive sometimes.

After that,it is obvious most of the main characters use Iphone 4. Apparently I don't have to say more about this phone.

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