08 November, 2010

Luxurious Limited Edition Phones

Vertu just released informations about the luxury phone Constellation Quest which past FCC test this week and the date for selling is just around the corner.It is also confirmed that the phone comes with the symbian system. The golden edition will be launched at the same time with the price of up to 19.5 thousand pound.The housing of this phone is made up of stainless steel and leather.All the buttons are made of sapphire crystal. It is said the phone will be firstly released in European, North American areas and Japan.

Luxor World Time is another works from Russian luxurious cell phone manufacturer-Gresso. The name of this phone must be related to the six Swedish Clock on the back of the phone. They respectively shows the time of New York,London,Paris,Tokyo and Moscow.The last one is for user's current time.Frankly speaking, I really don't  understand the necessity of this design.

One Iphone 4 is worth 8 million dollars, could you believe that?  This luxurious Iphone 4 is customerized for Stuart Hughes-the Australia business man. The outer shell of the phone is covered by rose gold and both sides are decorated with 500g priceless diamonds.The Apple logo takes 53g of them. Moreover, the "Home" button is mounted with a 7.4g pink diamond.No wonder the phone costs 8 million.

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