25 November, 2010

how to prolong battery life of Nokia N8

Have you ever concerned about how to prolong battery life of smart phones ? To save battery consumption, pls note the followings:
1. Always Full Charged (battery indicator bar is full)
2. Activate Energy-Saving Mode, press the power key and switch to the energy saving mode.
3. Change the mailbox synchronization frequency to relevant sync frequency settings
4. Using the wired earphone instead of speaker
5. Close unnecessary ringtones, such as keypad tones
6. Turn off the background animation
7. Close the "big clock" screen server
8. If you turn on the bluetooth function and enable it running background, it will definitly increase the power consumption
9. To save power more effectively, you can set the phone to less times of scanning the available webs.
10. When you use Ovi map to search a place you never searched before, it will download the new info of this location. If you already download the map data to your euqipment before, it will save a lot of power.
11. If the cellularnetwork signal is not stable in your place, you item will need to scan available networks repeatly.
12. Turn off the indicatior lights
13. All the applicaitons running in the background consume additional energy, remember to close them to keep you phone in a good energy-saving mode
14. All third-party applications installed requires much energy and it would be a good idea to uninstall them if you don't need them now
15. For device with AMOLED Screen, it costs more energy with heavier white theme, so avoid them and choose some other themes
16. When you get access to internet, use the WLAN connection instead of GPRS or 3G
17. Pls activate the offline profile while listening to music without intend to calling or receiving phone calls.
18. You are proposed to use the Nokia battery charger AC-15 included in the Nokia sales package, the  charger is optimized for this battery.

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