16 November, 2010

The Android 2.1 Huawei S7 Review

You might still remeber the Mini5(Dell Streak) with 5-inch screen and the size puts it on the fence between tablets and smartphones.The Huawei S7 is equipped with a bigger display - 7-inch 800×480 pixel capacitive screen which is the biggest in current Android phones. Due to the large screen,the phone looks very big. From the picture below, it is obvious that the width of Huawei S7 is almost same with the length of the Iphone 4. The phone is pretty cool though a little heavy to hold one hand.

There are several buttons at both ends of the front side. At the left end are standard Android buttons: Home,Menu and Return. The phone has a front camera in the upper right corner and a small light senor hole on the lower right corner. Flip out the metal kickstand on the back and make the phone an instant video player, picture frame, or speaker system.

Sitting pretty at Qualcomm's booth, the S7 was shown boasting a 768GHz MSM8250 Snapdragon processor, and Android 2.1 was loaded onboard.

Meanwhile battery life is tipped at around 12hrs standby (with wireless connected) or approximately 100 minutes of active use; that’s certainly on the low side though HTC alreay chose a 2200mAh battery and 768Ghz processor instead of a 1GHz one.

Can you imagine calling with such a big phone ?

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